Welcome to Nights of Chicago!

'Nights of Chicago' is taking place in the American city of Chicago in 1985. Until 6 years ago the city was under Sabbat rule, with a joint strike between a group of allied and adventroues kindred the sabbat was kicked out of the central city.

Now the honorable Prince Nicolai of the nosferatu is ruling the city with the help of the Primogen and the Seneschal.
The prince himself does not show himself very often, the social part of the unlife does not seem as important as liberating the rest of the city from sabbat scum!

As with most of clan Nosferatu, the prince resides most of the time in the suburbs of Chicago, where fighting against various Sabbat packs are still intense.

A year ago the prince summoned the kindred of Chicago, to a city-wide meeting.  At this meeting the Senescal was found guilty of embracing a childe without permission and was subsequently executed.

Many problems surfaced throughout the meeting, involving the kindred of the city across clans.

The ever present pressure of the Sabbat forces made obvious trouble for the undead inhabitants of Chicago, while more subtle problems were dealt with in more or less descreet ways.

During the final hours of the meeting, the Tremere Regent was appointed as the new Senescal by the Primogen council.